Halton is a diverse and growing region of Canada. It is home to many industries with a wide range of careers, including health care, education, engineering, and business services.

This section will introduce you to some of the many careers available in Halton and how you can find one that suits your skillset and interests.


The healthcare industry is the fastest growing industry in Halton. With a population of over 500,000, there are many jobs available in this field that can lead to a great career.

Halton offers many opportunities for healthcare professionals and other occupations related to healthcare such as accounting, human resources, information technology, management consulting, research and development, risk management, sales and marketing etc.

The demand for health care jobs is expected to increase as the baby boomers age. The baby boomers are projected to account for about one-third of Halton’s population by 2036 which will create a need for more health care professionals than what was previously needed.


Halton offers a wide range of technology related jobs, such as software engineers, computer programmers, web developers and more.

Halton’s economy is driven by its high concentration of technology companies and the sector has been growing steadily over the last few years.

Real Estate

Halton Real Estate jobs are the perfect opportunity for people who want to work in a dynamic and diverse industry.

Halton has a lot of opportunities for people looking to find a job in the real estate industry. It has been one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada, and it is expected to continue to grow and create more jobs.

Both entry-level and experienced professionals are being sought out in this area due to the recent boom in real estate needs across the country. If you’ve been considering working in this field, now is the perfect time to jump in.


Halton has many job opportunities available to those who want to work in the finance sector. Finance jobs available include: financial analyst, financial advisor, financial manager and even investment banker.

The region offers an abundance of opportunities for those who are looking to build their career in the finance industry. Halton’s employment rate is high and there are many different types of jobs available from entry-level positions to senior management positions.


Halton has a thriving economy with many jobs available for residents. Some of these jobs are in education, which includes teaching and administration positions.

Some of the available jobs are teachers, professors, librarians and other educational professionals such as guidance counselors and psychologists. There are also administrative positions available for those who have experience working as school administrators or principals.


Halton is home to many engineering jobs and companies, which makes it a popular destination for those looking for engineering jobs.

Halton offers many jobs in engineering fields such as aerospace, automotive, chemical and environmental, computing and electronics, construction and civil engineering.

Engineers are in high demand across Canada because of the need to build infrastructure such as bridges and roads.