The majority of the traders have to face different types of trading regularly which they need to overcome otherwise they won’t be able to survive in this field. All human beings are connected with emotion and when it is related to money, it becomes more difficult to control our emotions. Emotion is the thing that may have a huge influence on your trading performance. In a trading platform, many problems may arise from a trader’s mental breakdown. Here we will discuss the problems and will try to find out a proper solution for them. 

Unplanned entry 

Being impatient is a common mistake that traders do more often. They can’t keep calm to take a trading decision and thus meet loss. If a stock breaks from an ascending tringle, you should not jump ahead of the breakout. There is hardly any possibility to succeed by buying an ascending triangle. Traders do this mistake with the fear of missing out on the maximum profit. The solution to this problem is to wait for the entry signal. 

You should patiently wait for the entry signal and stay disciplined. You can use an alarm feature that will let you know when it is the perfect time for entry. It is more effective than monitoring potentially good stocks tick by tick.

Early selling

Good traders select a point for taking profit where they intend to sell. This point will ensure your profit are secure and it won’t go down again. But sometimes this takes profit causes the reason of a trader’s disappointment when after selling the stock, it goes higher and higher. Traders often feel disheartened at this missing opportunity. Selling too soon is the problem that experienced traders also have to face. This feeling of losing opportunity may lead you to your mental breakdown. Few things you can do to avoid this mistake. 

You should turn off the profit and loss indicator so that the number of profit and loss won’t make you emotionally imbalanced. Instead of limiting the upside movement, you should limit the downside movement by setting a price floor. Get more info about professional trade management techniques and make sure you have the skills to hold onto the profitable trades for a long time.

Don’t let your losses turn bigger

In the trading platform anticipating is nearly impossible. You may be an expert but you cannot be right always and can make a wrong decision in trading. Losing trade is a very common thing in trading and you should not give much attention to your small losses. But it will be your mistake if you don’t set a stop loss to reduce more future losses. After analyzing the market well you should set your stop loss point which will help you to reduce your loss.


If you think that you can make more money by executing many trades at the Bollinger band support and resistance, then you are using the tools in a wrong way. Overtrading cannot bear success as there is no guarantee that you will win every trade. Making a few trades will help you earn a good amount of profit as you will be more focused on selecting your trade. You need to be careful about your trading. Make a plan on how much you will trade a day and don’t exceed the number. Try to be disciplined in your trading. You should take only the best opportunity to trade. If you can bring discipline to your trade, then success is not far from you.

Don’t let the winners turn into losers

It is the tendency of many traders that they start counting their trading profits before they exited the trade which needs to be changed. For this tendency, being emotionally attached to the seen profit traders avoid selling even after the stock start to lose the ground. By doing this they turn a winning profit into a losing one. Traders should avoid this habit of counting profit before exit.