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The bank account has become a need for almost every living in this modern era. A bank account cannot only help you store your funds, but it also helps you transfer money with ease, shop, and do whatever you want with your money. The online banking systems have made it even better for people to use their funds just as they want. But the thing is, how can you open a bank account in Norway if you are a foreigner on a permit or even a permanent resident? Is it easy? Or will you have to get tons of documents to get started? Well, let’s check out!

Before choosing any bank, it is recommended to check their reviews through or any other reviewing platform. This way, you will actually be able to know if the services of the bank are good for you or should you find any other bank.

How to open a bank account in Norway, and what would you need?

Let’s check out what you would actually need to open a bank account in Norway!

The identity documents!

It does not precisely matter if you are a resident or a foreigner; you would need your identity documents just like almost all the banks in the world. But if you think about what identity documents you would require, then you will have to get your hands on a Norwegian Identity number, passport, passport-size photo, and letter of recommendation in case you are a foreigner.

You can also go with the banks that work on newly-built systems like Lunar. Surely, you can check out other banks as well that fulfill your needs.

Work permit!

A work permit is also required in a few cases so that you can prove that you are actually employed somewhere in Norway. It increases your chances of opening a bank account right away without having any problems.

Resident prove

Some banks in Norway also require residential proof from customers who want to open a bank account. You can simply show your contract or ownership proof to get on with the process.

Well, this is pretty much it. You will only require these things to open a bank account in Norway!

Can you easily open a bank account online in Norway?

Unfortunately, no! It is quite hard to open a bank account online in Norway due to the verification process involved. If you are a foreigner, things will be even more complicated for you, and that is why it is a good idea to stick to the traditional ways.

But still, if you want to open a bank account online, you would require a bank ID. And if you don’t have a bank ID, you will have to visit your bank and then obtain it, which would again be a long process.


This is how the banking system works in Norway. If you have all the required documents, you will find it really easy to open a bank account there. But if not, then you will face the hurdles that no one would want to experience.