Since they have to process piles of resumes each day, most recruiters make the first screening the received applications for their convenience. At this point, certain mistakes are already prohibitive. To improve your chance of getting an interview and even land the job sought, you will find here the 5 biggest resume mistakes to be avoided.

Putting too much Information on too many Pages

This is the mistake that discourages recruiters the most. Some job seekers think they will impress them with a long document but that this is a very bad idea. You must go straight to point and show the reader on first sight that you have the competences and the skills required. So, even if you have done a lot of wonderful things in your career, do not mention all of them on your resume unless they are all related to the job sought. Take time to sort out your qualifications, experiences and skills in order to make your CV match the vacation.

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

A spelling, a grammar, a double space or a typo mistake can be seen at a glance and can be eliminatory for a job application, especially if it is for a position that includes writing or written exchanges with customers! The worst part about these mistakes is that they are easily preventable. It is just about proofreading. First of all, proofread your resume and then, have it proofread by at least another person to be sure. Pay attention to the details because your curriculum vitae reflects your writing, synthesis, presentation and organization skills.

Putting the Wrong Photo

After finishing your resume, you might think that a photo would enhance your profile. So, you desperately search in your phone for an acceptable picture of yourself. That is not an easy task! The selfie with the distorted face, the cropped group photo, the vacation photo with you in a swimsuit or with your hair in the wind, those types of photo are to be avoided because they are just unprofessional. If you do not have the right photo, do not put any because it is not mandatory anyway. In case you really want to add one, find a neutral background and ask someone to take a photo in front of it.

Putting a Vague Title – an overly Generic Resume

Most of the time, a job seeker does not apply for just one job at a time. However, it is very important to always personalize your CV for each application. A classic mistake that will easily disqualify you is forgetting to specify the subject of your application with a clear title in line with the position sought. The recruiter will instantly identify it and will interpret it as a lack of motivation.

Lying on the Resume

It can be tempting to “embellish” your resume with some little lies! But be careful, it can really play tricks on you. Also, it is not strategic to exaggerate your skills, because once the recruiter finds out the truth, they will doubt your sincerity about your other skills. For instance, be sure to properly assess your language level, without devaluing yourself or becoming presumptuous.